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Structure Research Publishes Singapore Data Centre Supply Report for 2017

  • December 11, 2017

Latest report on the Singapore data centre market features additional innovations to proprietary research methodology that are focused on assessing and quantifying the demand profile. 

TORONTO, Ontario and SINGAPORE – December 12, 2017 – Structure Research, a next-generation research firm focused on the global data centre and cloud infrastructure services industry, today announced the publication of its Singapore Data Centre Supply Report for 2017.

This nearly 100-page report takes an in-depth look at the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics of the Singapore colocation market – from both a space and power perspective. It includes a 5-year CAGR projection, detailed market share statistics, utilization trend graphs, leaderboards, extensive regional breakdowns, SWOT analyses and insight and commentary. There is also a comprehensive directory of providers, operational data centres and listings of the current build pipeline.

‘The Singapore data centre market continues to mature and evolve and the main driver has been the rapid growth of massive-scale cloud. Cloud has shifted the market towards wholesale and kicked off a building frenzy over the last few years,’ stated Jabez Tan, lead author of the report and research director at Structure Research. ‘But things are starting to change. The clouds have shown a willingness to build and this has impacted pricing and altered some of the competitive dynamics within the market.’

The data and analytics presented in this report are produced by Structure Research’s proprietary methodology that measures data centre capacity from both a space and power perspective. This is crucial because power is the truest unit of capacity in the data centre. Measuring on the basis of space alone only tells half the story.

The methodology also looks at sub-regional distribution within a given market. In Singapore, there are three distinct sub-regional markets that have its own unique characteristics. This report measures the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics in each of those regions and it is also done from both a space and power perspective.

Last year, Structure Research added another wrinkle to the methodology. All the relevant metrics – revenue, space, power, utilization and growth rates – are now identified as being retail or wholesale and presented in aggregate form and separately in these two categories.

This year, the updated report includes two additional data break outs: vertical segmentation and cloud infrastructure node maps. Vertical splits help pinpoint where demand is coming from. Massive-scale cloud has been one of the most important sources of demand and all the massive-scale cloud locations in Singapore are mapped and categorized according to whether they are self-built or leased through a third party operator.

This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Singapore or find a service provider.

‘This is unquestionably the bible of the Singapore colocation market,’ stated Philbert Shih, managing director of Structure Research. ‘Many legacy research firms are still focused on counting space and basically guessing the supply and utilization metrics. This is due to a lack of boots on the ground and minimal time spent in the market. An approach like this is dated, unrigorous and fundamentally flawed. We have taken our data centre supply analysis to a whole new level and separated ourselves even further from research services that purport to know the Singapore market but consistently come up short.’

This is the third edition of the Singapore Data Centre Supply Report and it will continue to be updated annually going forward. Studies on Australia and Hong Kong were published in 2017 and Tokyo, Japan is slated for 2018.

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