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2021 Outlook for Internet Infrastructure

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What are some of the burning questions being asked as the sector moves into 2021 after an unprecedented year?



The infrastructure services market entered the previous year with cautious optimism. After a few short months, the COVID-19 virus became a global pandemic and put the global economy into a tailspin.

As was the case during the 2008-09 financial crisis, Internet infrastructure was resilient through the economic downturn, and in many ways benefited. There is good reason to believe that trends set in motion by the global pandemic will accelerate even further as the world gradually moves into an economic recovery phase.

The Internet infrastructure ecosystem is positioned to thrive and will help drive the next wave of hyperscale expansion and facilitate the transition to a global digital economy. But different categories within the sector will profit in different ways and at varied rates. Meanwhile, new forces that have emerged on the geopolitical front will continue to shape how all this plays out.

Against a unique and still developing backdrop, this report looks at some of the key questions facing the Internet infrastructure sector as it moves into 2021. What should we expect from hyperscale, managed third party cloud and edge? Will traditional infrastructure services fade, rebound or re-invent? What should we expect as we turn the page on 2020?

Executive Summary

Compute infrastructure continues to build out on a global basis as outsourced and remotely managed infrastructure moves inexorably to becoming the default way of doing things. The primary driver of this build out has been hyperscale cloud. Hyperscale is moving into new regions of the world and establishing multiple locations in mature markets. While this shows no signs of slowing down, decentralization is already starting to happen as the edge moves from concept to reality. Compute infrastructure is being built in smaller increments and not just moving into far flung locations, but deploying in different deployment models. All this has increased the importance of connectivity and interconnection platforms, while widening the ecosystem to include new pieces such as wireless. This report looks at the infrastructure build patterns that are taking shape in this rapidly changing landscape. How is hyperscale building around the world? How is compute getting to the edge? What form factors is compute being deployed in and how is all this impacting the build and expansions strategies of data centre operators and infrastructure service providers?