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Australia DCI Report 2019: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection

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The Australia DCI Report is an in-depth 126-page study that measures the aggregate size of the Sydney and Melbourne data centre colocation, hyperscale cloud and interconnection market from a revenue generation standpoint and supply/demand utilization from a space and power perspective.

This version includes detailed pricing analysis and projections for hyperscale, wholesale and retail colocation deployments as well as vertical segmentation break outs. Interconnection for the Sydney and Melbourne markets are covered in terms of cross connect market share, hyperscale public cloud on ramp locations, and Software Defined Network (SDN) fabrics.

There are data centre provider leaderboards that distinguish between revenue, space and power capacity in Sydney and Melbourne along with sub-regional analysis that further splits the Sydney and Melbourne market into specific sub-regions.

Download the 48-page PDF preview HERE.

Executive Summary

Australia’s data centre colocation market continues to grow and mature and Sydney and Melbourne are at the forefront of this activity. The Sydney market is currently home to 46 unique third party data centres and projected to generate US $705m in 2019 and grow at a 14% five-year CAGR to around $1.4b in 2024. Melbourne tracks behind Sydney with 32 unique facilities. This smaller market is expected to generate $244m in 2019 and grow at a five-year CAGR of 17% to $528m in 2024.

Hyperscale is driving the story of the Sydney and Melbourne colocation markets. The public clouds are by far the largest consumers of capacity in Australia and this is benefiting a small handful of providers that can delivery copious amounts of current and future inventory in accelerating time frames. The hyperscale clouds have shown a proclivity to lease in Australia and in a smaller market like Melbourne, they have used this model exclusively. Unsurprisingly, both Sydney and Melbourne are seeing wholesale colocation outpace retail colocation growth as a result, with the hyperscale portion increasingly dominant. On an aggregate basis, these markets now slant clearly to wholesale colocation and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

The growth of hyperscale is not just about consuming the underlying infrastructure. Operators that are able to combine colocation with connectivity to these clouds have a unique and compelling value proposition that is causing further separation in the market. Those that have a cloud story are pushing forward and those that do not face tougher times ahead.

Given these shifts in the market, and the growing importance of connectivity to clouds, this report series has been re-named to DCI: Data Centre, Cloud and Interconnection. Hyperscale cloud capacity, locations and cloud on-ramps within data centres are mapped out and data points are provided on how much leasing versus building hyperscale platforms are engaged in. We continue to track supply and demand trajectory on both a space, rack and power basis and split these metrics into retail and wholesale buckets. The supply situation is also further broken down by vertical. Finally, we have detailed data on interconnection service uptake and market share ownership.

This report is the default resource for any service provider, investor or end user (service provider
or enterprise) that is looking to understand and project the third party data centre market in Sydney and Melbourne.

Download PDF preview

Download report PDF preview HERE