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Hyperscale & Edge Infrastructure Update

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What are the latest trends in hyperscale data centres? What are the key developments happening in edge?


Executive Summary

The infrastructure services market continues to grow and evolve. Hyperscale shows no signs of slowing down and is now moving into a new stage of growth. Cloud is extending into all corners of the globe and along the way, encountering new challenges and requirements. For hyperscale platforms, the build versus lease calculus is changing and new types of vendors are now part of the landscape. This has a corresponding impact on the data centre market, particularly those that are focused heavily on serving hyperscale deployments. Hyperscale is highly centralized, but the shift to a more decentralized model is underway and giving way to edge compute. It is very early days, needless to say, but tangible progress has been made on the ground in recent months. There are a number of different pieces to fit the edge puzzle together and this ensures the road ahead will be full of interesting twists and turns. But the overall progress is going to be inexorably forward.