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Paris & Marseille DCI Report 2020: Data Centre Colocation, Hyperscale Cloud & Interconnection

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Paris + Marseille Data Centre and Interconnection (DCI) Report for 2020.

The Paris + Marseille Data Centre and Interconnection (DCI) Report 2020 is a 60+ page report takes an in-depth look at the size, growth trajectory and supply and demand dynamics of the Paris and Marseille data centre colocation markets – from a space, power and revenue perspective. It includes a 5-year CAGR projection, detailed market share statistics, utilization trend graphs, future data centre builds & expansions, SWOT analyses and in-depth insight and commentary. There is also a comprehensive directory of providers and operational data centres.

The data and analytics presented in this report are produced by Structure Research’s proprietary Data Centre Database Asset Tracker that measures data centre capacity on an asset level from both a space and power perspective. Structure Research’s methodology also distinguishes between retail and wholesale colocation, while mapping out hyperscale and interconnection nodes.

“The Paris data centre market continues to push forward as hyperscale cloud gathers momentum in France across both the consumer and enterprise segments. The hyperscale clouds have landed initial footprints, but are at an early stage of expansion. The current COVID-19 pandemic and the upcoming 2024 Olympics are almost certain to push this growth at an even more accelerated pace,” stated Ainsley Woods, lead author and research analyst at Structure Research. “France’s data centre market is highly centralized around Paris. But it operates like a hub and spoke, with subsea cables in Marseille providing connectivity in and out of France and to the rest of Europe, MEA and APAC. The story of the Paris market can’t be told without understanding Marseille’s unique role.”

This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Paris or find a service provider.

“Structure Research continues to lead the way in data centre market research and analysis in major metros across the globe,” stated Philbert Shih, managing director at Structure Research. “This report is our first foray into the FLAP markets in Europe – a region that is seeing unprecedented hyperscale expansion. The same depth and scope with which Structure Research analyzes markets in APAC and Canada is now being applied to Europe.”

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Executive Summary

Paris is one of the top four data centre markets in Europe – colloquially known as FLAP – and is quickly emerging on a global scale. But there is much more to the story than just Paris. France is a highly centralized country and because of this, evolved to more of a hub and spoke topology, as connectivity within France to and back from Paris is crucial along with connections out to other parts of Europe and regions in the world.

Paris was always going to be the central hub and Marseille has emerged as a first spoke due to its strategic location and network density. Marseille is where multiple subsea cables land and connect France to primary locations across Europe, MEA and APAC. The density of connectivity in Marseille make it a natural point of interconnection between Paris and the rest of the world and with critical mass, it makes perfect sense for hyperscale clouds to start setting up infrastructure there. And that is exactly what has happened over the last few years, with more builds waiting in the wings.

There is no shortage of moving parts in France and Europe in general. Late last year, the UK left the European Union and then early this year, continental Europe became a COVID-19 hotspot. France has been one of the hardest hit countries. Paris is also set to host the 2024 Olympic Games and is building out the digital infrastructure to support it.

Brexit, COVID-19 and the Olympics, despite the current uncertainty, are set to provide both short- and long-term boosts to the market. Organizations may have put things on hold for now but they are positioning to increase use of public cloud and outsourced infrastructure. Meanwhile, some infrastructure is being repatriated to continental Europe and scenarios that would have favoured the UK are being reconsidered in a pan-European context. Paris has strong attributes that make it a logical data centre destination and it will win its fair share of business. Paris has attractive energy pricing, a strategic centralized location with subsea cables connecting from literally around the world and an advanced economy.

Paris, like many markets just starting to truly emerge, has had a conservative IT culture that is starting to open up. And hyperscale cloud has been at the forefront of breaking down these barriers. All the major clouds are headed for Paris and with a large concentration of enterprises in Paris, this market will shift to majority hyperscale sooner than later.

The Paris + Marseille market continues to scale. In 2020, the market is projected to be valued at $431.1m and grow at a five-year CAGR of 12.9%. Absorption rates are high and expected to tighten even further as more inventory is built out, but absorbed immediately by a number of hyperscale platforms.

This report is an excellent resource for any service provider, investor or enterprise end user looking to understand and project the data centre market in Paris and Marseille or find a service provider.

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