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2022 Outlook for Internet Infrastructure

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The infrastructure services market entered the previous year with some optimism, but it ended up being a bumpy year that did not see the end of the pandemic. Instead, there were more pandemic waves and while macroeconomic conditions improved, things were still weak and unpredictable throughout the year.

Internet infrastructure continued to grow despite the less than optimal conditions. And on the ground, there are signs that the trends put in motion by the pandemic – which almost invariably favour Internet infrastructure – are starting to accelerate. As the latest pandemic wave arrives, and the world starts thinking and planning for a new phase, there are signs that the sector is ready to push into another boom period.

That is not to say there will not be challenges. Supply chains continue to hamper planning, labour shortages are emerging and inflationary pressures threaten to wreak havoc.

Against this backdrop, this report takes a look at what we should expect to see in 2022 across the infrastructure services sector. We avoid making concrete predictions because a calendar year is just so arbitrary and does not capture the true nature of what is happening. This is a sector that has always featured many moving parts that work on their own schedule. The trends are incremental and evolutionary. They play out unpredictably and follow few patterns. There is little utility in making 2022 the year of anything. It is just the latest chapter in a larger story and we try to capture the main storylines and characters.