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Hyperscale Leasing Dynamics

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Hyperscale platforms continue to be massive consumers of data centre colocation capacity. The rate of uptake is aggressive, held steady through the pandemic environment and has quickly become global in scope. Large multi-MW deployments have been the norm, and AZ-level capacity requirements continue to rise, but there are also hyperscale-edge scenarios in the lower end of the multi-MW tier emerging on the radar. The battle for hyperscale business is intense as there are few platforms around the world that possess this kind of demand profile. But the addressable market is widening as a second tier of hyperscalers materializes and subscale providers begin to cross the threshold into looking more like hyperscalers. Given this backdrop, it is critical for operators and investors to understand what is shaping the data centre strategies of hyperscalers and to what extent and why they are using colocation versus opting to self-build. This report takes a closer look at the most noteworthy colocation leasing dynamics and attempts to identity patterns and future trends that hint at how hyperscalers are going to deploy data centres. This is a landscape that is constantly in motion and keeping on top of what is driving the build versus lease decision is critical for long-term success